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Looking forward to working with LDN Architects

We are excited to let you know that LDN Architects (Architect C!) has been chosen following the outcome of the Architects’ presentation day on 29 May 2019.

LDN Architects was one of the most popular design teams, from the survey feedback, and clearly favoured by Church members. They were particularly liked for their proposed layout but also for the flexibility of their approach. Board members on the evaluation panel consistently ranked LDN Architects highly and members of the Technical Advisory panel could see how LDN’s scheme could work with the church building. Their design report and costings were detailed and realistic, giving us reassurance of their fit with St Michael le Belfrey.

It’s important to note that all the teams at the presentation day on 29 May demonstrated a significant investment in time and creative thought into the process, to produce ideas they felt would help us support our mission and vision.

We know that many of you spent considerable time praying and studying the designs at the Public Exhibition, giving valuable feedback which helped the Evaluation panel make a confident and informed decision. Thank you so much for the support you have given in this first stage.

A press release has gone out from RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects) on Monday 10 June.

So now we move onto Stage 2: Concept Design. The focus of the Design Competition was to help us select the right Architect. An introductory meeting with LDN is planned this month when we can feedback on their design ideas, share expectations of one another and review the timescales proposed for the project.

We are keen to have your involvement again, later this year, as we present more worked up Concept designs for you to consider and comment upon. Please pray that we establish a good working relationship with LDN Architects; for wisdom in the range of activities to be completed over the next few months and that, as a Board, we would keep looking to the Church’s mission and vision to ensure the project stays on track.

We will continue to keep you updated but as always any questions please email