What is Prophecy?

At The Belfrey, we believe that loving God and loving others is our highest goal – all the Law and Prophets hang on these two commandments. From this foundation of love, God’s word encourages believers to earnestly desire His spiritual gifts of Grace, especially, the ability to prophesy.

The gift of prophecy reveals that God loves to speak! Prophecy allows believers to know His voice intimately while also repeating what His Holy Spirit has made known. It is only by the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we have been made right with God and enabled to receive the Holy Spirit that reveals the thoughts of God.

God loves to use many creative ways to communicate, including through His written word and creation, in addition to visions, pictures, dreams, statements, impressions, art, photography, singing, dancing, instruments and an audible voice. The common theme is that prophecy always strengthens, encourages, comforts and corrects us into the will of our Father. Just as Jesus could do nothing of Himself and only did what He saw His Father doing, so His body on earth, the church, needs to see and obey the Father’s will as revealed through prophecy.

Therefore, prophecy empowers believers, churches, cities, regions and even nations to enter into their God-ordained destinies.

Vision Statement for Prophetic Ministry at The Belfrey

To equip every believer to know the voice of God intimately and empower those called to prophetic ministry.

To renew and nurture a culture that welcomes and encourages the prophetic in many creative forms across all aspects of church life.

To establish new streams for the prophetic to strengthen, encourage and comfort churches, cities, regions and beyond.

Got a Prophetic Word to share?

At the Belfrey, we welcome and encourage prophecy to be practiced appropriately, having a growing number of believers who serve within the prophetic ministry. Attached below are useful guidelines to help with this. If you sense the Lord has given you a prophetic message for us as a church, please email prophecy@belfrey.org so we can store, weigh and pray over this.

Want to Get Involved?

At The Belfrey, there are many opportunities to minister prophetically. A few examples include prophetic painting, prophetic worship, serving on various training events and seeking words for individuals or other ministries. We would love you to get in contact if you would like to find out more information or become involved – please contact Richard Dearden (Head of Prophecy) on richard.dearden@belfrey.org




Head of Prophecy