Mission Partner: Judy Homer

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Judy Homer has been working with World Horizons (WH) for the last twenty-five years, seven of those in West Africa (Niger and Burkina Faso) and the rest based in at a World Horizons Centre in Llanelli, South Wales. In October 1989 she married Alan, who had been part of St Michael's since he was fifteen. They had met in West Africa and went out together; however, in 1994 they had to return due to the health of their oldest daughter. Anna has cerebral palsy, diabetes and epilepsy. Their second daughter Miriam was born in 1997 in Wales.

For several years Alan led teams supporting workers in Asia whilst Judy was involved in training new workers prior to them joining teams overseas. Sadly, Alan was diagnosed with a degenerative brain condition in 2000 and passed away in Oct 2007.

Since then, Judy has continued to work with WH especially in the area of training and has had the responsibility of designing and running their nine month training course ('Equipping for Service Course’) for six years. This role as co-ordinator has now been passed onto others on the team, but Judy remains involved in teaching the trainees.

During their time in Burkina Faso, Alan and Judy worked on a pioneering mission entitled ‘Project Javelin.’ This involved working with a team of local pastors to take the Gospel into previously unreached areas in the North of the country. Over a period of five years many churches were planted, and others strengthened. A number of the key people involved with the project back in 1987, now hold positions of national leadership within the Assemblies of God Church in Burklina Faso. As such Judy has been invited to be involved in a similar undertaking as before, ‘Project Javelin 2.’