Architects Presentation Day - 29 May 2019

Thank you to everyone who visited and viewed the designs from our Shortlisted Architects. The Public exhibition went well and we received over 250 responses from our Church congregations, visitors and stakeholders regarding the designs. Some of you spent some considerable time carefully considering each design and what was the best fit for St Michael le Belfrey which was important.

We know that people have continued to pray throughout the process and this was particularly appreciated by the evaluation panel.

On 29 May we met the 5 Architects teams - Dow Jones, LDN Architects, Purcell, Simpson & Brown and Steyn Studio with Anthony Grimshaw Associates. We were impressed at the level of detail and care which had gone into the submissions as each team sought to understand the mission and vision, the essence of St Michael le Belfrey and interpret that in their reports and initial designs.

We look forward to sharing the final results of the Competition with you soon.

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