What is the School of Theology?

The Belfrey School of Theology provides a unique opportunity for people to access theological teaching within the context of prayer and worship. This is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn more, or go deeper in their faith. The course is split into three streams: Old Testament, New Testament and Life. You can book on for just one term, or for all three at a discounted rate. The training, developed by St Paul Theological Centre, is delivered via video and interactive sessions and features world-leading theologians.

It will be held at The Spurriergate Centre on Coney Street, Thursday evenings, 7:30-9:30pm.

One Term - £45
Three Terms - £120



The Course Overview



Session 1: Overview of the Bible - 12th September

Session 2: The World of the Old Testament - 19th September

Session 3: Creation, Fall, Flood - 26th September

Session 4: The Exodus - 3rd October

Session 5: Poetry - 24th October

Session 6: Wisdom - 14th November

Session 7: Prophets - 21st November

Session 8: Amos - 28th November



Session 1: Thinking Ethically - 16th January

Session 2: Has Science Disproved God? - 23rd January

Session 3: Capitalism & Christianity - 20th January

Session 4: Love, Hatred and the ‘Other’ - 13th February

Session 5: Suffering & Evil - 27th February

Session 6: The Digital Age - 12th March

Session 7: Wealth & Poverty - 26th March

Session 8: Politics & Faith - 2nd April



Session 1: The World of the New Testament - 30th April

Session2: The Gospels - 14th May

Session 3: Matthew - 21st May

Session 4: Acts - 4th June

Session 5: Paul - 18th June

Session 6: Philippians - 25th June

Session 7: 1 & 2 Timothy - 2nd July

Session 8: Revelation 16th July