Pastoral Care

The church is a supportive community. We aim to support and care for people with the same heart of compassion as Jesus. We also want to encourage every person in their Christian faith journey, regardless of age or spiritual maturity, as we follow the Bible's teaching to love God and each other.

Belfrey Groups
In terms of pastoral care, Belfrey Groups are the main place for support as we share life together and grow in worship, discipleship and outreach. Please visit the Belfrey Groups section of the website for more information about Belfrey Groups.

Visiting Team
There is a church Visiting Team which supports those who are ill, or house bound and in need of encouragement. Communion is offered for those unable to attend congregational worship regularly. Contact Ruth Somerville.

Belfrey Group Pastoral Team
If a member of a Belfrey Group requires support outside of the Group (eg. mental health issues, relationship support, counselling, homeless issues) the Group Leader can call upon expertise through this team.

Core Pastoral Team
This group is also available for more complex issues and for networking to try and ensure that pastoral care is well supported.

Prayer Ministry
This is offered across the church in all congregations and is a good ongoing reminder that God’s Spirit is always present to equip, heal and make whole. Please contact John Donaldson if you are interested in being on the prayer ministry team.

Clergy provide a key role especially for more complex theological and spiritual matters.