Tearfund Update

As of the summer of 2018, the Belfrey became partners with Tearfund’s work in the diocese of Kitgum, in northern Uganda.
Tearfund has been working with the Anglican diocese of Kitgum since 2004, and have been mobilising churches and communities to address the issues of poverty they face on a daily basis. Tearfund’s work is primarily done through training and using the Bible as a catalyst for physical and spiritual transformation. Most importantly, the work asks local communities what they feel their needs are, and then work to mobilse the communities themselves. Their work in Uganda is referred to as the Churches Community Transformation project (CCT).
Since 2014, 28 churches in Kitgum have participated in the CCT programme. Tearfund has so far improved local awareness around HIV in these communities, prompted more to seek HIV services on offer and as a result reduced the rate of transmission in these areas. The project also saw increased church attendance, better inter-denominational relationships and empowered many individuals to begin to transform their community.
However, Tearfund want to expand the project to include all the churches in the diocese of Kitgum. The Belfrey is supporting this next step.
We are excited to see the future of our partnership and what transformations will happen in the churches of Kitgum!

We hope to take a team out to visit Uganda soon, and continue to build up relationships with the individuals helped directly with CCT.
For the latest update on the diocese, see here:


Season’s greetings from the Diocese of Kitgum - Connected from Tearfund
The team at the Diocese of Kitgum send Christmas greetings and wish you all the best for the festive period. Read what they are thankful for this year, and how you can be praying for them too.

The Belfrey’s Tearfund ambassador – Beth Kelsall (beth.kelsall@hotmail.com)

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