Matthew’s Message

Friday 18th September 2019

Dear Church Family

Matt Redman's song 'The Heart of Worship' includes those simple yet powerful words: 'It's all about you, Jesus.' That's true of our worship. We must never forget that, especially in this new season as we go back to basics and seek to be a church on fire with love for God. As we gather for worship - it's all about Jesus. And as we disperse and daily offer to God the worship of our lives - it's all about Jesus.

As I said last Sunday, this is also true of our evangelism, as we share the good news of God's love. The message is, essentially, a person: the amazing person of Jesus Christ. He's the One we point people to. He's the One we talk about and testify to. We can easily complicate the message, but in essence it's really simple - it's all about Jesus.

This weekend we'll be considering discipleship. There are lots of good books on discipleship. There are courses you can do. There are online sermons to listen to and all sorts of videos you can watch. But at its heart, discipleship is about Christ. It's about being Jesus' apprentice. It's about the daily practice of following Jesus. The heart of discipleship is the same as worship and evangelism - it's all about Jesus.

So in these exciting days may the Spirit of God continue to set our hearts on fire with love for Jesus. He is our Master. He is our King. He is our Lord. It's all about Jesus.

God bless

Matthew (Vicar)