Belfrey Groups Directory


A2:42 is a cluster of two Belfrey groups, specifically for people in their 20’s and 30’s. We contain a great mix of people (families, couples and single people) and really welcome newcomers; do come and visit to see if we’re for you. One group (A2:42 York South led by Hannah e-mail meets in the Dringhouses area, and A2:42 York East (led by Katrina e-mail meets in Heworth and Tang Hall. 

For three weeks out of every four, we meet in two separate groups. Each group always eats together, and we find this is a great way to get to know people. We then have a discussion session, which is often based around a Christian book, DVD series or Bible passage, and then end in prayer. On the fourth week, we gather as a cluster to do an act of service, enjoy an extended prayer time, or just spend time socialising.

A2:42 is a vibrant and happy community community. Please get in touch if you’d like to join us for the evening; you’ll be made to feel very welcome.

Where: York South in Dringhouses / York East in Heworth and Tang Hall When: Wednesday 7:30pm Group leader: Katrina Bakker & Hannah Knapton

BURP - Bible, Understanding with Real People

Real people trying to get to grips with the Bible through study and humour. Sharing food and our lives together, whatever stage we're at.
Where: Various locations around York When: Wednesday 7:45pm Group leader: James & Katie Webster

Deeper Life Group

The Deeper Life Group is committed to pursuing a deeper Christian experience. At the core of our meetings are Worship, Prayer, Bible Study, Ministry and Personal Discipleship. The group also seeks to actively exercise and develop spiritual gifts.

Where: Heworth When: Wednesday 7:30pm Group leader: Kofi & Heather Mensah

Knapton Group

We meet to deepen and strengthen our Christian faith, to encourage and support each other in worship, bible study, prayer and outreach.
We provide prayer support for missionaries who have gone out from York to do God's work in Thailand and Europe. We are a friendly group and always happy to welcome new members.

Where: Knapton When: Wednesday 7:30pm Group leader: Mary Sarah Eldridge


We are a new group for 2015 meeting together to share our journey towards a greater understanding and love of Jesus.  Meeting around the Bible, with worship, prayer and fellowship in the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to see our faith in action in our daily lives and welcome others to join us at whatever stage on the journey you are

Where: Haxby When: Wednesday 7:30pm Group leader: Penny Donaldson

Poppleton Belfrey Group

A family group of committed experienced Christians, seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Where: Poppleton When: Wednesday 7:45pm Group leader: John Mills

REP (Read, eat, pray)

Mixed ages, men and women members, singles and married. We enjoy cake. We read the Bible, sometimes using material supplied centrally and sometimes doing our own thing. We pray for each other. We meet in Dunnington and Hull Road area and sometimes further afield but have members from all over York. 

Where: Dunnington & Hull Road area When: Wednesday 7:45pm Group leader: Jon & Sarah Barwick

Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds group aims to grow one another in the faith. Our evenings are varied, creative and fun.  We don't do boring!  Open to all.

Where: Strensall When: Wednesday 7:45pm Group leader: Kevin Warrington

St Mike's FC Training

A group for anyone who loves football - playing it, watching it, talking about and worshipping, growing in faith and reaching out with others who share the love of the game.

Where: York St John's Astroturf When: Wednesday 6:00pm Group leader: Alex Willmott

The Bootham Belfrey Group

Discipling and supporting each other’s ministries through prayer, bible study and worship.

Where: Bootham area When: Wednesday 7:45pm Group leader: Daniel Brookes/Lois Cross


Visions is a worshipping community within St Michael-le-Belfrey. Wednesday evenings are when we meet as a community. Food is always involved and we'll typically gather for that around 7:45pm. We'll then talk, plan, study, pray - whatever is the need of the moment.

The Visions community also worships in a variety of York churches (including St Michael's) and in community members' houses on a Sunday afternoon or evening. Around church festivals we also do services on other days of the week. Some of these services are solely put on by Visions. Others are collaborative services with other churches. All services are open to you to attend. For more detail about timings of services and our approach to worship see

If you want to get to find out more about us, get to know us better, or to see if we can work collaboratively with you in some way, then coming to one of our Wednesday meals is to be recommended. You would be very welcome.

Where: Various locations around central York When: Wednesday 7:45pm, Sunday 7:45pm Group leader: Richard Horton